Turn-key projects

At customers request we execute, with our own machine-tools, turn-key projects which include the designing, execution, measuring, zero series control and production start-up stages.
Based on the drawings, the CAD models or the parts, INMAACRO provides you the technology, the clamping devices, the standard or special tools and the machining and measuring programs.


3D Measuring and reverse engineering

Our specialists have a vast experience achieved in over 20 years of activity and using the latest technology from the german company ZEISS, we offer services for 3D measuring tactile, optic, X-RAY scan and reverse engineering with high accuracy and quality. The dimensions of parts can be within 3mm and 2400 mm.

Type of applicationis for 3D measuring:

  • Full inspection for parts according to the 2D drawing for processes like PPAP – Production Part Approval Process, ISR – Initial Sample Report, FAI – First Article Inspection, etc.
  • Dimensional measurement of product for controlling the production process
  • Dimensional measurement of product for controlling his functionality
  • Dimensional measurement of product for complaints
  • Dimensional measurement for production and control fixtures ( moulds for plastic products, casting moulds, punching, clamping and control fixtures, components and subassemblies)

Type of applications for reverse engineering are:

  • Product redesign
  • Lost documentation (moulds, products, old parts)
  • Product improvement
  • Spare parts for products
  • Academic research

3D Scanning / Measuring with X-Ray (CT) Technology

Always benefiting from top technology (software and hardware) of the german manufacturer Zeiss, we offer metrology services using computed tomography (X-ray scanning).

Types of applications:

  • 3D dimensional measurement (standard geometry and free surfaces)
  • 3D comparison between actual part and CAD model using the color map
  • Non-destructive control of parts (analysis of pores and inclusions, assembly and joining technology, etc.)
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Reverse Engineering

Service, maintenance and calibration

The service activity during warranty and after the warranty period is provided by our team of specialists ensuring commissioning, service and calibration for all sold equipments.



For machine tools and software solutions that we represent on the Romanian market, we offer complete training packages.
The training sessions can take place at INMAACRO headquarters, online or at customer headquarters.


First Article Inspection, product part approval process and prototypes

The complexity of 3D measurements and the accuracy of the results were imposed as a standard in the field of dimensional quality control. With a very well trained team in this field, we offer you the guarantee of providing your clients with indisputable dimensional results.


Technical support

Our company specialists provide the technical support for the optimal use of the equipment, after their purchase.